Seamless Data Management for Video Surveillance Workflows

Our software extends and protects your storage infrastructure on premises or in any cloud tier. Validated by all major VMS providers, Tiger Surveillance software solutions help you manage your video cost-effectively, securely, and at scale.


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Infinite Scale to Any Cloud


Instant Disaster Recovery


No Disruption or Complexities

Our Products

Surveillance Bridge

Unlimited storage & Disaster Recovery for your VMS infrastructure – instantly connect your local drives with any cloud provider & any cloud tier. Meet ever-increasing video retention goals and optimize your costs.

Surveillance HA

Zero-loss High Availability for your Milestone servers & cameras – with Surveillance HA all previous recordings remain immediately available after a failover.


Surveillance Solutions


Avoid Disruption to Operations

Our on-premises-first (OPF) approach to data & storage management enables organizations with mission-critical data to grow via cloud adoption over cloud migration. OPF hybrid cloud preserves familiar workflows & applications as well as function & performance. The cloud becomes a powerful enhancer you can remove with no disruption to your VMS operations.

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Flexibility in Your Hands

Our vendor-neutral solutions are compatible with all major cloud providers, any tier, including archive, and support multi-cloud scenarios. We make sure you stay flexible with your strategy by preserving native data formats and avoiding changes to your operations. Our products are fast & easy to install and configure – no additional hardware, virtual appliances or cloud expertise required. 

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Store More, Spend Less

Minimize your spending on on-premises hardware with unlimited extension to the cloud. Save high-performance local drives for active files and migrate infrequently accessed data to more affordable cloud storage tiers. Run VMS-integrated analytics to gain more insights into the way your organization utilizes cameras and storage over time to further optimize costs and improve resource control.

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Don’t Fear Failure

Recover from a disaster in no time. Our surveillance solutions ensure that all video and metadata needed to reconstruct your VMS timeline are immediately available thanks to cloud resiliency. Gain High Availability with zero-loss failover for your mission-critical deployments. With Surveillance HA all previous recordings remain immediately available in the event of system failure.

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Our Approach

Cloud adoption over cloud migration


On-premises-first Hybrid Cloud

Free up valuable space by intelligently assigning camera recordings to the right cloud storage tier. Satisfy increasing compliance demands with a protection copy of your data in the cloud and enable the fastest possible Disaster Recovery. OPF hybrid means no disruption to operations, video quality or performance.


On-premises Workflows

Achieve zero-loss failover with our High Availability solutions for on-premises workflows. Guarantee fast recovery after a disaster by keeping a backup of your data in second-tier storage. We support a range of on-premises targets including disk, tape, and private cloud object storage.


Our Story 

Tiger Surveillance’s team, powered by Tiger Technology, brings vast storage expertise and a passion for developing high-performance storage solutions tailored to the most demanding workflows.

Tiger Technology’s journey into on-premises-first hybrid technology commenced back in 2017 when partner IBM sought to scale the video surveillance operations of one of the world’s largest airports so it can handle multiple petabytes of data. Recognizing Tiger Technology’s first-rate engineering capabilities, IBM sought its assistance in addressing cloud storage compatibility. This paved the way for the development of the hybrid cloud data management solution, now known as Surveillance Bridge.

Today, Tiger Surveillance utilizes this legacy to develop and employ proven vertical-specific solutions with a focus on efficient and non-disruptive blending of on-premises and cloud storage.

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VMS Providers

We support a vast array of VMS solutions such as Milestone XProtect, Avigilon ACC, Genetec Omnicast, FLIR Latitude, Qognify and many more.

Cloud Providers

Our technology is compatible with all major public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, Seagate & Wasabi for a seamless & cost-effective hybrid environment.

Sales Partners

We work with a robust global network of resellers and integrators that share our vision of future-proof surveillance infrastructure.


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