Easy-to-deploy Data Management Software for Your VMS

Tiger Surveillance offers an effortless, non-disruptive way to manage & protect your camera recordings on premises or in hybrid cloud and greatly optimize your resources.


Surveillance Bridge


Surveillance HA

Never Run out of Space

Surveillance Bridge is a software-only data management solution for hybrid cloud VMS workflows. It enables organizations to meet new compliance requirements, extend retention periods, add more cameras, increase resolution, or archive evidence.

Surveillance Bridge seamlessly connects local drives with any cloud storage & tier for unlimited capacity and Disaster Recovery, saving up to 80% compared to on-premises hardware infrastructure. Your VMS always sees data as local - no changes in operations. Surveillance Bridge is also the only solution that works with both live recording and archive drives.



Infinite Scale to Any Cloud

Always have disk space available for active files by offloading recordings to the cloud. Surveillance Bridge supports all major public cloud providers and all cloud storage tiers, including archive for long-term retention.


Instant Disaster Recovery

Gain the fastest DR by keeping an off-site copy of your files in the cloud. Surveillance Bridge ensures that all footage and metadata needed to reconstruct your timeline are immediately available.


No Disruption or Complexities

Surveillance Bridge is incredibly easy to install and configure. Thanks to automated policies, Surveillance Bridge allows your team to continue working as usual. No system reboot, training or external life cycle management required.

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The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Video Surveillance

Compare the most common ways to connect on-premises VMS storage to the cloud. Get expert tips on what to watch out for during your cloud adoption journey. 

Eliminate Points of Failure

Surveillance HA is High Availability software enabling zero-loss failover for your servers and cameras, including the option to record footage to multiple servers in separate locations. With Surveillance HA all previous recordings as well as your live feed remain immediately available after a failover thus ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Safeguard your mission-critical data – if the original recording server cannot be brought back to life, its associated recordings are fully recoverable. Surveillance HA supports two failover configurations for maximum flexibility: Server Cloning and Camera Pairing.



Zero Data Loss

The Surveillance HA configuration ensures that if the primary server fails, the secondary server takes over immediately with no disruption to operations and not a single video frame lost.


Uninterrupted Access

Maintain immediate access to previous recordings in the event of server failure. It is so transparent and seamless your operators may not even notice a failover took place.


Easy & Transparent Management

Surveillance HA enables you to easily set up and manage High Availability clusters without third-party tools. This comes complete with a dashboard providing a snapshot of recording server stats.

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Measure & Optimize for Smarter Storage

Surveillance Analytics is a data insights tool that offers the convenience of a detailed camera & storage utilization dashboard integrated within your VMS. Surveillance Analytics allows you to monitor how much data each camera is generating during recording as well as playback. 

Improve control over resource utilization and optimize costs by identifying improper camera configurations (generating too much or too little data) and gaining a better understanding of investigation patterns (how far back, how often, how many cameras). 

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Per-camera Storage Consumption Insights

Organizations are adding more cameras than ever but lack insights into storage consumption. With Surveillance Analytics your team can get specifics of what resources each camera utilizes.


Detect Camera Anomalies Early On

Camera misconfigurations can often lead to a camera generating too much or too little data. Surveillance Analytics can enable your team to detect misconfigured cameras and resolve the issue immediately.


Identify Investigation Patterns

Surveillance Analytics allows users to see which cameras are most frequently looked at by operators. Insights help identify the need for additional cameras in particular areas of interest.

Our Approach

Cloud adoption over cloud migration


On-premises-first Hybrid Cloud

Free up valuable space by intelligently assigning camera recordings to the right cloud storage tier. Satisfy increasing compliance demands with a protection copy of your data in the cloud and enable the fastest possible Disaster Recovery. OPF hybrid means no disruption to operations, video quality or performance.


On-premises Workflows

Achieve zero-loss failover with our High Availability solutions for on-premises workflows. Guarantee fast recovery after a disaster by keeping a backup of your data in second-tier storage. We support a range of on-premises targets including disk, tape, and private cloud object storage.

Our Solutions


Avoid Disruption to Operations

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, future interoperability is an ever-present critical factor. Safely adopting the cloud into your existing workflows with our on-premises-first (OPF) approach to data & storage management gives you vendor independence and flexibility. This allows you to optimize costs, prevent disruption and avoid unnecessary migration in the long run.

With OPF hybrid cloud you preserve familiar workflows & applications as well as function & performance. Cloud storage becomes a powerful enhancer you can remove with no disruption to your VMS operations.


Flexibility in Your Hands

Tiger Surveillance solutions are compatible with all major cloud providers, any tier, including archive, and support multi-cloud scenarios. We believe in vendor-neutral technology – your camera recordings always preserve their native format wherever they are stored. You will never be tied to a single vendor, and you can easily change your strategy at no added cost. Our solutions do not compress or modify your recordings when moving them to the cloud.

Remove any admin burdens. We offer software-only solutions that are fast & easy to install and configure. No cloud expertise or training for your team is necessary. No change or disruption to your operations.


Store More, Spend Less

Minimize your on-premises hardware by offloading video to the cloud. Even a small SSD can appear as unlimited storage to your VMS. Save high-performance local drives for active files and migrate infrequently accessed data to more affordable cloud storage tiers to meet any demand for capacity and reduce storage costs by up to 80%.

Further optimize costs and improve resource control by identifying investigation patterns & improper camera configurations. Gain more insights into the way your organization utilizes cameras and storage over time to pinpoint opportunities for streamlining your operations and to meet budget goals.


Don’t Fear Failure

We are dedicated to making sure you are prepared for anything, whether your store data on premises or in hybrid cloud.

Tiger Surveillance hybrid data management solutions enable the fastest possible cloud-enabled recovery in the event of a disaster. Protect mission-critical on-premises deployments with our zero-loss failover solutions and never lose a single camera frame. Combine off-site data protection with High Availability for your local servers to ensure the highest durability and uninterrupted access.

Our Partners

VMS Providers

We support a vast array of VMS solutions such as Milestone XProtect, Avigilon ACC, Genetec Omnicast, FLIR Latitude, Qognify and many more.

Cloud Providers

Our technology is compatible with all major public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, Seagate & Wasabi for a seamless & cost-effective hybrid environment.

Sales Partners

We work with a robust global network of resellers and integrators that share our vision of future-proof surveillance infrastructure.


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