Zero-loss failover for your servers and cameras with Surveillance Analytics

Safeguard your mission-critical data with a High Availability setup for Milestone XProtect workflows. The software-only plugin supports two failover configurations for maximum flexibility answering the needs of organizations that have high intolerance to camera data loss.

What can you achieve with Surveillance Analytics?

Zero data loss

The Surveillance HA configuration ensures that if the primary server fails, the secondary server takes over immediately with no disruption to operations and not a single video frame lost.

Uninterrupted access

Maintain immediate access to previous recordings in the event of server failure. It is so transparent and seamless your operators may not even notice a failover took place.

Easy & transparent management

Easily set up and manage High Availability clusters without third-party tools. This comes complete with a dashboard providing a snapshot of recording server stats.

How does Surveillance Analytics work?

Surveillance HA supports two failover configurations for maximum flexibility: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical. In the Symmetrical configuration, the primary and the secondary servers share the same configuration and form a cluster. From an XProtect Management Server perspective, both servers ‘look’ like a single machine. In this configuration, both recording servers share the same cameras, resolutions, and retention periods. In the Asymmetrical, non-clustered configuration, the primary and secondary servers maintain completely independent configurations. They can even report to different (and Federated) Management Servers. Surveillance HA seamlessly connects XProtect Smart Clients to the selected camera feed via one of two available recording servers. This configuration allows supporting different cameras, resolutions, and retention periods on each recording server.

Surveillance Analytics at a glance

Compatibility with Surveillance Bridge?

Combining Surveillance Bridge and Surveillance HA allows achieving unmatched availability, scalability, and durability. In this case, it is important to note, however, that it is not the cluster that gets replicated, but a single recording server. That’s because both recording servers are actively recording their own set of files. The two recordings are different enough that they cannot be used interchangeably.

Zero-loss failover

Protect mission-critical deployments with zero-loss failover. Never lose a single camera frame – Surveillance HA is a software-only solution that supports two failover configurations, Symmetrical and Asymmetrical, for maximum flexibility. With Surveillance HA all previous recordings remain immediately available after a failover, business as usual.

Auto back-filling

When the primary recording server resumes operations, the secondary recording server recedes in the background and any missing data can be backfilled to the primary server.

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