Unlimited Hybrid Storage for VMS Infrastructure with Surveillance Bridge

Connect local storage with any cloud & any cloud tier for more capacity and instant disaster recovery. Meet ever-increasing video retention goals, add more cameras, and optimize your costs.


What Can You Achieve with Surveillance Bridge?

On-the-fly Capacity Expansion

Seamlessly connect your local storage with the cloud – any cloud, and always have room for new video and more cameras.

Cost Optimization

Save up to 80% on storage compared to on-premises hardware by tapping into lower-cost cool & archive cloud tiers.

Business Continuity

All video and metadata needed to reconstruct your timeline can be made immediately available with Surveillance Bridge for Disaster Recovery.


Surveillance Bridge at a Glance


No Vendor Lock-in

Surveillance Bridge supports all major public cloud providers and all cloud storage tiers, including archive for long-term retention. Surveillance Bridge does not use any proprietary formats when moving your data to the cloud. This means you will never be locked in by a specific vendor.


Save up on Storage Maintenance & Cost

Surveillance Bridge helps you save high-performance local storage for active files and migrate infrequently accessed data to more affordable cloud storage tiers. Back up & archive to local disk or any cloud tier to achieve savings of up to 80% on storage compared to on-premises hardware. Save up on costs by extending the shelf life of existing hardware.


Easy Deployment & Management

The Surveillance Bridge interface is designed to make it super easy to install & configure – select your camera repository, choose your local retention period and enable optional Disaster Recovery. Thanks to automated policies, Surveillance Bridge allows your team to continue working as usual. No training or cloud expertise required.


Resilience at your Fingertips

Gain the fastest Disaster Recovery by keeping an off-site copy of your files in the cloud. Extremely resilient and secure, Surveillance Bridge ensures that all footage and metadata needed to reconstruct your timeline are immediately available. It works with both live recording and archive drives.

Surveillance Bridge in Action

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EMC Insurance seamlessly extends storage to the cloud to adapt to the need for longer retention periods and resource optimization

How Does It Work?

Surveillance Bridge is a file system filter driver that installs in minutes and automatically starts replicating files to cloud storage. Your VMS continues to record and playback to/from the local disk. As the local drive fills up, policies work in the background to reclaim valuable local space by replicating infrequently accessed data to cost-effective and scalable cloud storage tiers. Your VMS always sees data as local so there are no changes in operations.

How Does It Protect Your Data?

Preserves the Chain of Custody

In case a recording is replicated to the cloud and then retrieved on premises to be used as evidence following an incident, the file remains unchanged and maintains its evidential integrity. It is the same file (no tamper points), with the exact same metadata.

Ensures Data Integrity

During the upload and download of video files to and from the cloud, Surveillance Bridge separates the file into tiny chunks which get uploaded to the cloud. This ensures not a single frame is lost during the process. Conducting an MD5 check allows operators to confirm that the file is not corrupted.

Maintains Access Controls

By extending the NTFS file system to the cloud, Surveillance Bridge helps maintain the access controls, encryption, and auditing capabilities inherent to NTFS. This ensures the secure management and continuous monitoring of data as per compliance standards.

Resilient Against Breaches

Surveillance Bridge clients have never experienced a security breach. The solution meticulously adheres to industry standards and best practices, with its code achieving the highest levels of technical certification with AWS.

Secures Data Transit

During data transfer between local disks and the cloud, Surveillance Bridge employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) over HTTPS, hence adding an extra layer of security throughout the data’s lifecycle.

Learn More about how Surveillance Bridge Works

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Surveillance Bridge with AWS

Estimate Your Storage Bandwidth

Information courtesy of JVSG. Provided as an estimate. Always confirm details with your camera or VMS manufacturer for accuracy.

Add Zero-loss Failover with Surveillance HA

Combining Surveillance Bridge and Surveillance HA allows for achieving unmatched availability, scalability, and durability. For organizations with mission-critical operations and a high intolerance to camera data loss, Surveillance HA ensures 100% failure response success, immediate access to previous recordings and no gaps in recorded footage.


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