Tiger Surveillance Expands Product Portfolio

New product provides zero-loss failover capabilities for mission-critical operations

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA — 5 May 2023

Surveillance HA, the latest addition to Tiger Surveillance’s family of products, is a software-only solution designed to provide a seamless zero-loss failover mechanism to organizations with mission-critical operations that require uninterrupted access to all recordings, at all times. It enhances video management system (VMS) workflows by enabling two High Availability configurations, Server Cloning and Camera Pairing, for uninterrupted service even in the event of server failure.

Key capabilities
  • Zero-loss failover
  • Live camera continuity – maintain a continuous live stream
  • Uninterrupted access to all previous recordings
  • Auto-backfilling – no gaps in recorded footage

Detailed breakdown

The Server Cloning method replicates a recording server already in use on the VMS network with a stand-by recording server, storing newly recorded data on both and synchronizing them continuously to avoid any data gaps. In case of a failover condition, such as power failure, system crash, planned shutdown, etc., the serving node of the cluster fully transparently and within seconds transfers its role to the stand-by recording server, which takes over recording data from the attached devices and serves all written data to the Smart Clients.

Camera Pairing is designed to clone selected cameras on two active recording servers into a high-availability unit. Should one of the recording servers or its recording storage/archive fail, Smart Client access is automatically redirected to the other recording server’s current and past recordings of the same camera. Once the problem is resolved, missing data is transparently synchronized on the recovered recording server’s recording storage/archive.

Supported VMS solutions

Surveillance HA launches with support for several major VMS platforms, including Milestone XProtect, Siemens Siveillance, MOBOTIX Hub, and Identiv Velocity Vision.

Combining Surveillance Bridge and Surveillance HA

Together, Surveillance Bridge and Surveillance HA provide organizations with a comprehensive solution that brings unmatched availability, scalability, and durability for VMS storage.

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