Seamless Data Management for Video Surveillance Workflows

Struggling with compliance requirements and increasing corporate mandates? With Surveillance Bridge by Tiger Surveillance, you get a powerful ally in optimizing already available assets, extending them to the cloud, providing unmatched disaster recovery capabilities, and gaining surveillance insights like never before. Book a free consultation with our team today.

Compatible with All Major Video Management Systems

What Can You Achieve with Surveillance Bridge?

On-the-fly Capacity Expansion

Seamlessly connect your local storage with any private data center and any cloud storage tier to always have room for new video and more cameras.

Cost Optimization

Save up to 80% on storage compared to on-premises hardware by tapping into lower-cost cool & archive cloud tiers.

Business Continuity

Surveillance Bridge ensures the fastest possible Disaster Recovery. All video and metadata needed to reconstruct your timeline are made immediately available after a failure.


Real Problems, Real Solutions

Solving Your Industry Challenges

How the Bridge Technology Works

We Speak Surveillance

Surveillance Bridge was born to provide remarkable flexibility and sensitivity to industry-specific challenges.


How We Solved This Public Safety Problem

The public safety state department was dealing with limited on-premises storage capacity that prevented extending video retention periods and so compromised public safety and criminal investigations. By leveraging Surveillance Bridge, they reduced on-premises retention to just 30 days and utilized cloud storage for archiving, ensuring compliance with retention mandates and effective investigations. The solution eliminated the need for costly upgrades and associated operational challenges.


How We Solved This Convention & Exhibition Industry Problem

The convention center was struggling with aging hardware, off-site data management, and limited backup solutions, hindering their ability to ensure the safety and security of their guests. Surveillance Bridge allowed them to transition to a leaner infrastructure, storing camera data securely in an off-site location while only keeping the most recent footage local. This reduced costs and complexities associated with maintaining an on-premises system, while ensuring valuable footage is always protected.


How We Solved This County Problem

The US county faced the challenge of retaining video data for up to 10 years to address election fraud claims. With Surveillance Bridge, the county extended their video surveillance retention period by seamlessly integrating their existing VMS with the cloud. They can now retain their data for 180 days locally, with a Disaster Recovery copy stored on a cloud archive tier for up to 10 years. The approach ensured compliance with litigation requirements, saved costs and enhanced data protection.


How We Solved This Airport Problem

The airport needed a reliable cloud infrastructure for their new cloud-based surveillance system to enhance security, passenger safety, and operational efficiency. Surveillance Bridge seamlessly extended expensive AWS EBS storage to lower-cost AWS S3 storage. The airport saved costs while storing data in a more durable object store, preventing data loss, system downtime, and compromised security, which could result in significant financial and reputational damage.

Achieve Unprecedented Availability, Scalability & Durability

With Surveillance Bridge, we know every organization is different, so we steer clear of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Industries We Support


Airports & Seaports

Airports & Seaports

Expand capacity on the fly and protect video data captured by tens of thousands of camera feeds.


Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

Accommodate increasing camera counts for workers’ safety, liability reduction, and vandalism prevention with seamless storage capacity expansion to any cloud.


State & Local Government

State & Local Government

Ensure compliance with strict data retention policies and regulations with infinite scalability & cloud durability.




Optimize transportation operations with streamlined data management, cost reduction, and resource optimization.




Accommodate growing video surveillance needs with hybrid storage solutions that provide scalability, security, and flexibility while working with any cloud.


Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Ensure uninterrupted access to VMS recordings and meet the demands of highly regulated environments with air-tight data protection solutions.




Address the increasing storage capacity requirements of healthcare providers while meeting HIPAA regulations and protecting patient privacy in a hybrid environment.


Casinos & Entertainment

Casinos & Entertainment

Meet tighter regulatory requirements and safeguard mission-critical video captured in key areas.

Customer-focused Engineering

The Surveillance Bridge technology is designed with mission-critical deployments in mind. Most trusted by both VMS and cloud storage vendors, it manages and protects recordings transparently without disruptions, vendor lock-in or unexpected expenses.


Integrated at File System Level

Integrated at File System Level

Unlike other solutions on the market that sit on top of the system or require additional hardware or virtualization, our technology integrates into the Windows file system. While your team is working, automatic policies operate transparently in the background to dynamically track local data and replicate it to the cloud.


Smart Stub File Technology

Smart Stub File Technology

Once recordings are moved to the cloud, stub files containing metadata only are kept locally. The VMS continues to record and playback to/from the local disk and always sees recordings as local so there are no changes in operations. Data is automatically retrieved from the cloud on demand.


Native File Formats in Any Cloud Tier

Native File Formats in Any Cloud Tier

The Bridge technology uses non-proprietary formats to ensure customer data is never locked into a single vendor for greater flexibility at no extra cost. Significant cost optimization is achieved by dynamically assigning infrequently accessed data to archive cloud tiers that represent as little as 5% of the cost of immediate access tiers.

Infinite Scale to Any Cloud Storage Tier and Any Private Data Center

Let’s talk about your data needs!  

At Tiger Surveillance, we aim to offer tailored solutions that cater to your specific data management and protection needs without disrupting your ongoing operations or breaking the chain of custody. Contact us for a FREE demonstration of Surveillance Bridge and future-proof your data storage strategy today!