Tiger Surveillance Marks Year of Global Expansion and Strategic Partnerships

Tiger Surveillance reflects back on a year of market expansion, strategic alliances, and industry recognition

Tiger Surveillance End Of Year Recap Infographic

At the tail end of 2023, Tiger Surveillance reflects on a year full of both challenges and triumphs.

Throughout the year, Tiger Surveillance was able to expand across 11 new markets in the European, Americas, and MENA regions, ensuring that more businesses will have access to the company’s surveillance data management products.

To that end, Tiger Surveillance has announced over ten new technological partnerships with VMS providers and industry leaders that promise to foster both its measured approach to economy play, as well as expand the value the company is able to impart to its end users.

Similarly, this year also saw the hybrid data storage company focus on event participation – something Tiger Surveillance sees as both an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, as well as learn from other industry pillars – and earn numerous accolades, including the prestigious Milestone Systems award for “Best Technology Partner of the Year in the Middle East for 2023”, signaling further industry-wide attention.

For these and other reasons, Tiger Surveillance is now better positioned than ever to continue growing its VMS support and user base, offering new products and updates, and participating more boldly in the industry’s continuously transforming landscape.