Webinar: Hybrid Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions

Join Quantum, Tiger Surveillance, and Milestone for a discussion about the benefits and considerations of employing cloud storage for video surveillance data retention
The utilization of surveillance recording and analytics is contributing to a safer and smarter world through loss prevention, access control, and other forms of physical security. At the same time, surveillance cameras are now considered the world’s largest data generator. Industry analyst firm IDC even estimates that daily global video data capture will likely increase to over 18 exabytes by 2025, resulting in continued growth of both on- and off-premises storage infrastructure.

To delve into emerging use cases, workflows, and the expanding role of private, hybrid, and public cloud storage, Tiger Surveillance, in collaboration with partners Milestone Systems and Quantum, is hosting a webinar on 26th of September at 10AM PDT.

During the webinar, Bernard Lamborelle, VP of Technology, Tiger Surveillance, Karl Rubottom, Senior Solutions Engineer, Milestone Systems, and Matthew Stoller, Senior Systems Engineer, Quantum, will cover the following topics:

• New requirements that are increasing demand for more computing and storage resources

• Optimizing cost and performance across the data lifecycle from ingest to analysis to retention

• Enhancing data protection with the fastest possible disaster recovery for video surveillance systems

• Effectively balancing on-prem and in-cloud resource usage for simplicity, agility, and low-cost operations

• How Quantum, Milestone, and Tiger Surveillance work together to deliver complete end-to-end solutions

Watch the full webinar here!